Let your business fly with Business Atrium, an accounting and business advice consultancy firm based in the city of London
Opportunities and Obstacles ...

Running your own business can be one of life's most rewarding occupations ...

... watching your idea grow from a flash of inspiration or a lifelong passion into a working business with clients, sales & profits.

Many entrepreneurs are great at spotting opportunities, motivating staff, and creating great products and services to satisfy their clients. 

BUT - the challenge of starting or developing a successful business needs much, much more than that. 

Even the world's best business plan can easily turn into disaster without well-planned business processes, adequate record-keeping  and the right supporting IT systems - all of which can be difficult for you to find the time or skills for when you are 'really busy with the important stuff'.

and your Key to Success ...

Business Atrium offers everything that you need to build a great foundation for your business - allowing you to simply concentrate on 'what you do best'.

No matter what or where your business is, you can benefit from our expert consultancy and outsourcing solutions to ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency and profitability, including help with:

  • Accounting: company registration & setup, bookkeeping, accounting & management reporting
  • Administration: setup & optimisation of business administration, migration from paper-based to automated processes
  • Technology: selection, design and customisation of the right IT & computer systems to support your business

The answer is simple:
Business Atrium are here to help