Megaventory Online Stock Management system

Megaventory is one of the earlier web-based software solutions for inventory monitoring, order management and manufacturing tracking aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

The software vendor has been established in 2010 and has clients in more than 40 countries. It covers a number of varying verticals ranging from apparel to electronics and from aviation to the food industry and a broad range of sectors wholesale, retail, franchise, distribution, etc. As such, it is among our top choices of software solutions and a cost-effective product your company can depend on and grow.

The software offers features including:

• Inventory (Multiple Inventory Locations, Multiple Users, Stock Alerts)
• Sales (Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices)
• Purchasing (Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices)
• Manufacturing (Bills of Materials, Work Orders, Multiple Levels, Bulk Processing)
• Support for Consignment, Just-in-Time, Drop-shipping, Services, Pre-Orders, Partial Receive/Send
• Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Atrium is a Value-Added Partner of Megaventory, providing consulting, training, advice and technical support directly to our clients ensuring a smooth transition to the business software for their company.

In addition, we offer our clients a discount on the monthly license fee when they subscribe to a Megaventory account through us.