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Press Release 25 May 2011: Business Atrium Launches New Solution

LONDON, May 25, 2011 – announced today is the launch of Business Atrium – an accounting and business advice firm that offers integrated accounting, administration and technology services to new and existing businesses worldwide.

“Our approach ensures that your business has controlled finances, optimised administration and organised information, ” said Pavel Sizov, Director at Business Atrium. ” Our expertise includes advising entrepreneurs, supporting startups, helping existing businesses and troubleshooting problems. We take real pride in delivering honest accounting and business advice in plain, simple language that you will understand. No jargon, no buzzwords and no ‘latest management gimmicks’.”

Business Atrium works on-site or by outsourcing from their own premises to provide business expertise that includes bookkeeping, accountancy, VAT and payroll, management accounting and reporting, business administration and IT systems consultancy.

“After being disappointed by several accounting firms that simply did not deliver, we found Business Atrium to be outstanding,” said Maria Kulikova, Managing Director of Camelot Tours Ltd., a £4m+ pa turnover specialist travel company based in London that brings Russian-speaking tourists and business visitors to the UK. ” Their combined knowledge and expertise with accounting, information technology and Britain’s legal requirements have really helped us to find the very best ways of running our business here in the UK. Starting in February 2010 Business Atrium staff designed our business processes, installed our supporting IT systems and migrated us from Microsoft Excel to Xero online accounting. They now outsource and take full responsibility for all aspects of our bookkeeping and accounting – including debit & credit control, VAT reporting & our payroll – allowing us to simply concentrate on the travel and tourism needs of our clients. Their expertise has definitely paid us back and will continue to make an ongoing contribution to our bottom line.”

About Business Atrium

Business Atrium is an accounting and business advice firm based in the city of London who provide business expertise to clients worldwide. They offer a flexible menu of affordable solutions for every size of business, including fixed-price and on-site or off-site consultancy, with clients currently including Russian companies operating in the UK and British companies trading abroad.

To find out more about what Business Atrium could do for your business, please simply contact us directly on +44 (0)207 617-7126 or visit us at

About Camelot Tours Ltd

Camelot Tours Ltd, based in London, provides travel and holiday tour services for Russian-speaking individuals and groups who wish to visit the UK for business or pleasure. The Russian-speaking management and staff include licensed guides, interpreters and assistants and offer services that include accommodation reservation and booking, making transport and travel arrangements, booking tickets for sporting and cultural events, organisation of business conferences, seminars, and corporate events plus a regular schedule of excursions specifically targeted at Russian speakers.


Business Atrium
Pavel Sizov
+44 (0)207 617-7126

Camelot Tours Ltd
Maria Kulikova
+44 (0) 20 7229 3470

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